Asbestos disease claim wins landmark pleural plaques compensation

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Digby Brown’s asbestos disease lawyers recently won a landmark case on behalf of an electrician who was diagnosed with pleural plaques.

Asbestos exposure on ships

William Wales was diagnosed with Pleural Plaques, an asbestos related lung condition, while working as an electrician aboard ships between 1963 and 1973.

During his employment, William was required to work in close proximity to asbestos insulators applying asbestos based insulation onto pipes and boilers throughout the ships. The insulators used a product commonly known as “monkey dung” which was an asbestos based powder mixed with water into a paste and applied.

As part of the insulators, they also cut and fixed asbestos sheeting. These operations resulted in considerable amounts of asbestos fibres gathering in the air and on surfaces of the ship. As a result, William inhaled large quantities of asbestos dust and asbestos particles.

His employer failed to safeguard William against asbestos exposure by providing masks or protective clothing for example and no warning were given about the dangers of asbestos inhalation.

Pleural Plaques Compensation Claim

William now has an increased risk of developing asbestosis, asbestos related lung cancer, diffuse pleural thickening and mesothelioma – a life threatening cancer.

William came to Digby Brown’s specialist asbestos solicitors and we secured William £8,500 in compensation. This is more than twice the amount usually awarded to victims of asbestos related conditions.  

Other legal firms and some insurance companies use a framework agreement to asses how much compensation individuals are entitled to. However, our asbestos lawyers argued that the rightful amount of compensation should be based on the impact an asbestos-related condition has on an individuals’ health and the anxiety and distress it causes them as a result.

This pleural plaques claim was the first of its kind to be heard in Scotland since 2009 and the decision could help people throughout the West of Scotland access fair and proper compensation after being exposed to asbestos through their work.

William Wales was exposed to asbestos simply be going to work.  Sadly, many others are in similar positions.

Frameworks dismantled

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