Car accident in Aberdeen secures 30% more compensation for injuries

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Mrs S was in a car accident on the outskirts of Aberdeen. At a marked junction the defending party failed to stop and collided with our client’s vehicle. Mrs S suffered an injury to her head and face caused by the impact with the airbag and fractured her sternum.

Mrs S came to Digby Brown seeking compensation from the defending drivers’ insurance company. Mrs S was able to take advantage of Digby Brown having a local team of solicitors based in Aberdeen.

An original offer was made by the insurance company to the client. However by this point symptoms had stagnated and the client was concerned that the symptoms may become permanent.

Digby Browns' Aberdeen team was able to continue to negotiate with the insurers on the clients’ behalf and increase the original offer by 30%. This included an insurance excess and a fee payable to the DVLA to retain the clients’ number plate.