Changes in abuse law mean rightful compensation for family

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Previously, time limits on making a claim for historic abuse prevented many survivors from accessing justice but in June 2017, it was announced the law in Scotland was changing.

As a result of a landmark decision by the Scottish Parliament those time limits have been removed in some cases. Even where the abuse happened in childhood many years ago, victims may now be able to seek compensation.

Historic abuse is a challenging area of law but at Digby Brown, our lawyers are experienced in helping people with these very specific types of claims.

Compensation for children abused by family friend

Lawyers at Digby Brown helped siblings from one family successfully secure compensation for sexual abuse they experienced during their childhood.

The abuse was carried out by a man who betrayed the trust of the family and became a family friend.

He was trusted to look after their children from time to time and even allowed to have them stay at his house. He would buy the children gifts and give them money, taking them out on outings.

The abuse was carried out over a number of years. It eventually came out after one of the siblings discussed the abuse.

The perpetrator was convicted but attempted to sell his assets; an action which could have prevented the family from being able to achieve compensation for what happened to them.

Court action to prevent abuser selling assets

Our lawyers undertook court action to restrict the abuser from disposing of any of his assets. This would ensure funds were available to compensate his victims.

At Digby Brown, we operate a funding scheme which ensures all costs in the legal process are met by us throughout the case using our insurance product “Compensate”. This means our clients are never asked to pay for anything during the legal process, including in situations like this where we have to take additional legal steps to protect our clients.

Evidence of impact of abuse on family

As part of an abuse claim, it is necessary to collect evidence showing the injuries sustained, the impact and future impact on the victims, along with treatment to help with recovery.

Understandably, the abuse had a significant impact on all the family ranging from anxiety and depression to Post Traumatic Distress Disorder. They are at risk of developing long term psychological injuries; particularly on their ability to sustain intimidate relationships into adulthood.

Children of abuse often feel guilty about what happened and blame themselves for not speaking out sooner. However, abusers are sophisticated in the way the groom children and manipulate trust from parents.

Six figure compensation for family

The family were awarded a 6 figure settlement for their ordeal carried out by the perpetrator. This does not take away the horrendous experience they endured, but provides a form of justice for the family and helps them get further help to try and overcome what happened.

Legal advice about abuse claims

Our lawyers understand that it is very difficult for people to contact a solicitor and speak about any physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

However, we may be able to help you find answers about what happened and secure compensation from an individual or an organisation, whether the abuse happened in childhood or adulthood.

If you would like to speak to someone confidentially about whether you may be able to make an abuse claim, please call us on 0333 200 5925 or contact Kim Leslie by email at

Historic abuse is a challenging area of law but we are here to help where we can.