Client felt disloyal pursuing work accident claim but needed to secure his family’s future

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Mr S. injured his left hand in a work accident, affecting his ability to work in the future.

Like many others, he was unsure about making a claim against his employer and waited two years before contacting Digby Brown.

Felt wrong making a claim against my employer

“I’m a loyal person and I felt if I put a claim in against my employer I would be doing something wrong.

“After speaking to friends and family though I decided to take it further.

"I didn’t know what the future held with my hand and if I could continue to work.

"I needed some security.”

After speaking to our legal team and finding out his options, he decided to go ahead with a work accident claim.

“At the time I was nervous.

"I was worried my employer would give me a bad reference or bad word of mouth.

"But I'm glad that I went through with making a claim.”

Limitations from his injuries

Mr S. was off work for over two months after the accident and when he did go back, he was on light duties and carrying out paperwork.

In the accident' he severed nerves and tendons in his fingers and thumb on his left hand, affecting his sensory awareness.

After several months, he decided to leave the company and return to what he did before as he felt this would be the better option for his hand.

He still has limitations now with his hand. He can carry out heavy lifting but finds intricate work such as handling nails and bolts very difficult.

Digby Brown secured £120,000 compensation for work accident

Using our no win no fee funding, Compensate, our personal injury solicitors gathered expert medical reports on his injury and how this was likely to impact on his employment in the future.

We also rebuffed the defender’s arguments of contributory negligence which claimed Mr S. was 20% to blame for the work accident.

As no offers were forthcoming to compensate our client, we raised court proceedings, and secured £120,000 without any deductions for contributory negligence.

Security for the future

"The service was second to none.

"My solicitor was very switched on and I was always kept in the loop if anything changed.

"The compensation has secured my future and my daughters’ future which was my main priority."