Compensation after catalogue of clinical errors forced patient to undergo amputation

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Digby Brown's clinical negligence solicitors helped a man secure compensation after he had to undergo above knee amputation.

How the clinical negligence happened

Mr D had surgery to repair an abdominal aortic aneurysm (when the large blood vessel that supplies blood to the abdomen, pelvis and legs balloons in size) and was discharged home after a week. 

The next day, Mr D began to experience increased pain in his abdomen and vomiting. He was taken by ambulance to Queen Margaret Hospital. On admission, Mr D was dehydrated, acidotic (too much acid in the blood) and had reduced blood pressure.

Second medical opinion not sought

He was cared for overnight by the on call surgical team which comprised nurses and junior medical staff. No referral was made for a senior opinion.

No investigation into lack of urine

A catheter was inserted to drain urine, however nothing was produced. No action was taken to investigate this.

Failed to administer procedure to prevent blood clotting

He was prescribed an anticoagulant to try and prevent blood clotting, however this was not administered.

Didn't check for signs of ischaemia

TED stockings were put on the pursuer’s legs by nursing staff without checking for signs of ischaemia.

Vital signs not adequately observed or monitored

The pursuer’s condition and vital signs were not adequately observed or monitored during the night. 

By the time Mr D was seen by his consultant the following morning, he was in a critical condition.

He had developed a severe lack of blood in the left lower limb. He had to be rehydrated prior to surgery and required a graft from his right to his left femoral artery in order to restore blood flow. 

Unfortunately by this stage, the muscles in his left leg were irreversibly damaged and an above knee amputation was needed in order to save Mr D’s life

Life before medical negligence

Mr D had been fit and active prior to the loss of his leg and his lifestyle was hugely affected.

He suffered discomfort from his prosthesis and frustration at the restrictions his loss of limb placed on him at home and elsewhere.

Digby Brown's clinical negligence solicitors

Digby Brown's clinical negligence solicitors were able to help Mr D by providing funding for his clinical negligence claim and pursuing his clinical negligence action in court.

Mr D was successful in settling his case for a substantial six figure sum in settlement.