Laser hair removal leaves burns and scarring to client's legs

Woman looking out of window

Miss M. went to her local beauty salon to receive laser hair removal treatment to her legs and was left with burns and scarring.

How did the beauty salon cause the injury?

Miss M. was a regular client at the salon and paid £400.00 for the laser hair removal treatment.

The salon had recently replaced it's laser machine and carried out patch tests to Miss M.'s legs.

The patch tests revealed that the setting on the laser machine were too high.

Left with burns and scarring to legs

Following the tests, Miss M. returned to the salon for her treatment but no further tests were carried out and the treatment left her with burns and scarring to her legs.

Miss M. complained and asked for her money back. The salon refused.

Claim compensation for personal injury

Miss M. contacted Digby Brown to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

Despite various refusals to pay compensation by the Salon, Digby Brown managed to obtain her £6,000 in compensation.