Compensation over 3 times initial offer for woman injured in supermarket

Supermarket trolley in supermarket

Ms S came to Digby Brown Solicitors following an slip and fall injury in a supermarket in Scotland.

How Ms S was injured in supermarket

As Ms S was leaving the Supermarket in Edinburgh Midlothian, she slipped and fell.

The reason she slipped was due to spilt food on the floor. This should have either been cleaned up or cordoned off with warning signs.

Injuries from supermarket accident

Ms S suffered cartilage damage in her knees when she slipped and fell.

She suffered both on-going pain in both her knees and considerable inconvenience and disruption, including time off work, as a result of her injuries.

Personal injury claim for slip and fall in supermarket

Ms S contacted Digby Brown Solicitors to pursue a personal injury claim.

Initial compensation offer of £1,800

Before our solicitors raised court proceedings, Ms S received an offer of £1,800 from the supermarket’s insurers.

Because of the investigations Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors had undertaken and medical reports commissioned, we believed she was entitled to greater compensation and raised court proceedings on her behalf.

Digby Brown solicitors secured over three times the original compensation offer

By raising court proceedings, this resulted in an increased compensation offer of over £7,000, over 3 times the original offer, which Ms S accepted.