Delivery driver fell from truck secures £75,000 in compensation

Older man sitting in the park

This client was injured in a workplace accident in Scotland.

He was employed as a delivery driver, delivering among other things heavy steel beams. Part of his duties involved securing the steel beams to his truck.

His employer had failed to provide him with a safe system of securing the beams to the truck and he therefore required to climb up and over the beams in order to secure the chains that secured the load to the trailer.

As he was descending from the trailer, the pursuer lost his footing and fell from the trailer to the ground. As a result he sustained serious injuries including a head injury. He recovered reasonably well, but the head injury resulted in memory loss, loss of sense of smell and a change in personality. 

The case came to us after the pursuer became dissatisfied with the service of the firm of solicitors he had originally instructed. His previous solicitors had raised the case in the sheriff court for £20,000.

Upon receiving his instructions we had to immediately discharge a proof hearing as the case had been so poorly prepared by the previous firm. After fuller investigation of the medical circumstances and detailed preparations, we ultimately settled the case for £75,000.