Cars on motorway
Cars on motorway

Brake - road safety charity

Brake – the road safety charity exists for a simple reason - because every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world, is killed in a road crash. The charity campaigns strongly on issues which would help reduce the misery of road deaths and injuries.

Digby Brown Solicitors is proud to be an appointed legal panel member for Brake in Scotland. This means we are trusted to provide expert support and guidance to injured survivors or bereaved families about legal matters arising from traumatic, life-changing or fatal road traffic collisions.

Our service is provided as part of Brake’s National Road Victim Service after people contact the road safety charity for advice on all things related to road traffic collisions.

For more information on Brake, the NRVS and other information about the amazing work this charity provides to people all over the UK please visit

Digby Brown’s role

Our people have decades of experience in helping people affected by road traffic accidents. More importantly, is we have the resources and expertise to help secure life-affirming support needed by crash survivors and their families, or indeed, surviving relatives.

Digby Brown’s role with Brake is to bring our legal expertise right to the people who need it most and investigate whether a claim for compensation can be made – however our support goes beyond damages, because we can help you gain access to improved healthcare, medical treatment or (in case of more seriously injured survivors) gain access to dedicated support workers.

This experience is not gained overnight. The people at Digby Brown has collectively dealt with numerous tragic cases as a result of road traffic accidents all over Scotland.

Brian Castle, Partner at Digby Brown, is the trusted Digby Brown liaison for Brake. As Head of General Personal Injury Litigation at the firm, and Scottish Regional Co-ordinator for the Motor Accident Solicitors Society he is uniquely placed to provide people the right support.

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