Difficult personal injury case to prove liability but essential for financial future

People in a shopping centre

Mrs L. was shopping in well-known high street retailer when she was involved in an accident.

How did the accident happen?

She tripped on a clothes rail hidden behind the wall of the changing room, suffering a nasty fracture to her wrist and she developed Complex Regional Pain.

What was the impact of her injuries from the accident?

Mrs L. was forced to give up her work as a sales representative as she could no longer drive the distances required by her job.

As a result, she suffered past and future loss of earnings including a complex bonus loss and pension loss.

Personal injury claim with Digby Brown

Digby Brown’s specialist solicitors in personal injury claims fully investigated this case to prove liability, and establish loss of earnings.

Her case eventually settled in the sum of £115,000.

Many other law firms may never have taken this on as it appeared difficult on liability.