Digby Brown negotiates million pound settlement for client injured at sea

Oil platforms and shipping boat

Our client was working on a vessel at sea when he was involved in a life changing accident.

How did the accident happen?

Our client sustained serious injury when his colleague, operating a large piece of machinery, moved the machine at the wrong moment.

As a result of his injuries he was unable to ever return to work in the career he had worked hard to build.

Contacted Digby Brown for compensation

He came to Digby Brown Solicitors to seek the rightful compensation he deserved.

The team based in Digby Browns’ Aberdeen office, have a wealth of specialist experience in offshore and shipping cases, and raised court proceedings against his employers in the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Insurers denied responsibility for accident

The insurers denied any wrongdoing for the accident and maintained this denial until as late as possible.

Employer failed to have working procedures in place

Digby Brown argued that, had there been proper working procedures in place at the time, and had the colleague been advised of these procedures, then the accident would never have happened.

In failing to give their employees proper instructions while working with large dangerous machinery, the employer had subjected employees to risk of injury.

Secured over £1 million compensation

By maintaining our argument and through ongoing support for our client in the form of treatment and financial help, Digby Brown was able to secure a settlement of over £1 million.

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