Driver deliberately harms cyclist in Ayrshire

Cyclist in the city

Mr Knowles was returning home from a cycle in Ayrshire when a car driver deliberately chased him, pushed him off the road, and then mounted the pavement to knock him off his bike.

“He admitted he had deliberately chased me and rammed me of my bike, destroying my back wheel. Thankfully, I was pretty unscathed.

“I went to the police and it turned out he was known to them as this was not the first time he had done something like this.”

Cycling accident solicitors at Digby Brown

Mr Knowles is a member of British Cycling and they advised him to go with Digby Brown for compensation as they have specialist solicitors who deal with these types of accident claims.

Colin Moffat, a personal injury solicitor at Digby Brown’s office in Ayr, specialises in Cycling Accidents and was appointed as Mr Knowles solicitor.

“Colin explained the whole process, managed expectations about compensation and timescales and the different elements of compensation such as injury, psychological injury and loss of wages.

“He was very reassuring and communicated fully with me and made sure I understood everything by phone or email, and if I ever left a voicemail he was very diligent at getting back to me.”

Driver responsible for accident charged and convicted

Mr Knowles was hoping the driver would be banned from driving in the future as this was not the first time the driver had intentionally tried to cause harm to another road user.

“I wanted my back wheel fixed and for the driver to lose their license so they couldn’t harm someone else.

“Colin was very, very helpful and gave advice about my insurance claim and anything else going on with the criminal trial and thankfully the driver was banned from driving.”

Insurers refuse to respond to injury claim

Although the driver was charged and convicted of driving offences, the insurers failed to respond to the injury claim. To force insurers to respond to the claim, the case was raised in court.

“At that point, the claim seemed to progress much more quickly. Once the insurers solicitors got in touch, the whole thing only took a few days to settle and the case didn’t go to court in the end.”

Compensation with Digby Brown

Our Ayr office successfully secured compensation for Mr Knowles, taking into account the impact of his accident and the damage to his bike and cycling equipment.

“I was absolutely satisfied with the outcome. Even though it was a small claim and happened a long time ago, it was my priority and Colin treated my case as such. He gave my claim due attention and dealt with everything promptly, he cared about the case.”

Contact a specialist solicitor in cycling accidents

“I would say to anyone who isn’t with British Cycling already to phone Colin Moffat at Digby Brown as they have experience in dealing with cycling accident, and that’s crucial in cases like this.”