Driver takes car for MOT at Kwik Fit - then crashes after bonnet flapped open on M9

Aidan Spence in his home after M9 car crash caused by bonnet not being closed by Kwik Fit

Aidan Spence, 23-years-old, had just picked up his silver Vauxhall Astra from a Kwik Fit garage in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire after an MOT.

But it turned out mechanics failed to close the bonnet properly and it flapped up in the wind when he reached the M9 motorway.

The freak incident caused the windscreen to smash resulting in Aidan crashing his car into the central reservation leaving him with chest and back injuries.

He was unable to work and medics confirmed he suffered numerous lacerations from broken glass as well as internal injuries as a result of the crash and the seatbelt.

Kwik Fit offered £1,700 over the incident but his dad was insulted at the offer - so Aidan came to Digby Brown. Here, he was helped by Senior Solicitor Barry Berlow-Jackson in Digby Brown’s Product Liability team who secured a larger four-figure sum.

The case was highlighted in The Sunday Post and you can read more at Kwik Fit’s four-figure payout after driver crashed at 70mph when bonnet flew open after MOT.