Elderly woman received almost double the compensation for injuries

Old woman walking with stick

Personal injury solicitors in Kirkcaldy almost doubled the compensation offer for an elderly woman who required a partial hip replacement after being injured in an accident which was not her fault.

Impact of accident injuries

The injuries she suffered as a result of the accident prevented her from driving, further restricted her mobility and she continues to experience some on-going discomfort. 

She finds she can no longer walk the distance she was able to walk before the accident. She also has difficulty with kneeling and crouching making climbing stairs very difficult. She can’t carry out any gardening anymore, which she enjoyed tending to.

Personal injury solicitors investigated the injury claim

Solicitors in the Kirkcaldy office carried out extensive investigation to prove who was liable for the accident and value the appropriate compensation. This involved speaking to witnesses, reviewing safety arrangements and medical evidence to assess the impact of the accident injury on our client.

Compensation offer almost doubled

There was an initial compensation offer of £8,000. However, this was too low and did not properly compensate the client for her injuries suffered in the accident.

We agreed to raise the case in court and this resulted in further offers being made by the insurers. Again, we advised our client that these offers were too low and made counter proposals.

The insurance company increased their compensation offer and the accident claim settled for £15,000 - almost double the original compensation offer! Whilst our client’s life was affected, the compensation included an award to allow her to pay for the extra help she now needs in her garden.

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