Exhaustive evidence gathering produces results for motor vehicle crash victim in Fife

Police Car with lights on

Mr X was a passenger in a car when he was involved in a road traffic accident in Fife. He was travelling home late at night with his friends when another car, travelling in the opposite direction, veered into the path of the car he was in.

Mr X suffered serious injuries. The driver of Mr X's vehicle was killed as a result of the collision. Mr X suffered a fractured pelvis and remained in hospital for a number of weeks following the collision.

What Digby Brown personal injury solicitors did to help

Although the insurers of the other vehicle denied that their driver was responsible, Digby Brown's personal injury solicitors assisted Mr X in arranging counselling for him and also arranged for him to receive help and assistance in his home.

Interim payments for rehabilitation

We wrote to the insurance company and asked them for a £50,000 interim payment in order to aid Mr X in his rehabilitation following the accident.

Mr X was, and remains, heavily reliant on family members when carrying out day to day activities.

The insurance company advised that they were only prepared to offer £10,000 as an interim payment and were not of the opinion that Mr X's case would be worth as much as the £50,000 requested.

Road traffic accident claim raised in court

The driver of the other vehicle was charged with offences under the Road Traffic Act though there was a long delay in the matter proceeding to trial. Despite this, having gathered all of the evidence available to us, we were confident in Mr X's case. We were confident that despite the lack of a formal conviction, the driver of the other vehicle was responsible for the accident and Mr X's injuries. A Court action was raised in the Court of Session on Mr X's behalf.

Road accident compensation - even with liability denied

Liability was formally denied by solicitors acting on behalf of the other driver.

Nevertheless, with the evidence that we obtained we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement in excess of £165,000 for Mr X.

Mr X's case settled over 1 year prior to the date it was scheduled to call in Court and also settled prior to the criminal trial taking place.

The insurers of the other driver were required to pay Mr X over three times the compensation that they had rejected prior to litigation.