Farm worker secures nearly £100,000 after being injured in road traffic collision

Rural road

Three years ago Mr J was injured during a trial shift with his new boss at a farm.

He was a passenger in an agricultural vehicle on a rural road when the vehicle he was in collided with another vehicle at a junction.

Mr J suffered multiple injuries – a head trauma, facial fractures, damage to his right shoulder, a broken leg, slash wounds to his hands and several broken ribs.

He was rendered unconscious by the impact of the crash and paramedics had to resuscitate him before taking him to hospital via air ambulance.

Mr J was off work for nearly seven months as he recovered from the crash but the injuries left a permanent and painful mark.

The facial fractures permanently changed his appearance.

The head trauma resulted in headaches.

The broken leg – which required surgical metalwork to treat – left Mr J with a permanent limp and instability in his knee when tackling stairs.

And the shoulder injury leaves Mr J suffering pain when he attempts any manual work.

This unprecedented turn of events meant Mr J knew he needed legal support to recover compensation.

He came to Digby Brown and Lee Murray at our Ayr office investigated the circumstances of the accident.

After liaising with Police Scotland and the COPFS, he learned the driver of the other car was convicted of careless driving.

Knowing this outcome meant Lee was able to raise a claim against the driver’s insurance company to start the process of recovering compensation.

He was then able to work with leading medical and financial experts to properly analyse the extent of Mr J’s injuries and actually work out a value of how much compensation would be fair.

Backed by expert reports, Lee was then able to negotiate with the driver’s insurance company on Mr J’s behalf where he secured an admission of liability and a £95,000 settlement to put Mr J back in a financial position as if the accident never happened.

Mr J said: “The accident changed my life dramatically and I was glad Digby Brown could help me.

“I would definitely recommend Digby Brown to anyone in my position - Lee was fantastic right through the whole process.”

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