Fife cyclist secures damages after being hit by careless driver

David with his bike standing where he was hit by a driver at a roundabout

David was waiting to enter a roundabout when a careless driver crashed into him. 

The experienced cyclist took extensive steps to make sure other road users could see him like wearing cycle specific clothing with reflective markings and positioning himself clearly on the road.

But the driver – who apparently didn’t see David because they were checking for approaching traffic – failed to stop and smashed into his side.

“It was a shock. The force of the impact sent me and my bike flying. I remember lying on the ground thinking there was just no need for that.

“The driver kept driving and stopped at the other side of the roundabout.

“The passenger got out and said ‘She didn’t see you - she was looking for traffic on the right’ - but I was part of that traffic and in the middle of the junction. She simply wasn’t paying attention.

“When the driver finally got out she didn’t show any concern – not even an apology.

“I’ve cycled for over 39 years - commuting to and from work - and I’m a driver. As a cyclist you know you are vulnerable but that’s why you do everything you can to be seen and take extra precautions.

“I couldn’t have done anything more. But what she did was completely avoidable.”

David suffered minor injuries to his right hand, both elbows and both knees. Fortunately nothing was broken but he was left in pain for months.

Thankfully though, because he came to Digby Brown, solicitor Fiona Bissett from our Kirkcaldy office could provide access to immediate physiotherapy sessions to help his recovery.

Her legal investigations – which included analysing police reports, witness statements and medical evidence – also meant the insurance company for the car driver quickly accepted fault and we secured £4,521 in rightful compensation for David.
“Recovering was slow and painful. When I did get back on the bike, I could only manage half an hour tops – it took about six months before I was back to normal.

“Thankfully, I knew everything was being dealt with properly so I could focus on my recovery. I didn’t have the worry or stress, or have to pay any outlays, Fiona took care of everything for me.

“She explained everything to me and updated me all the way through. I never had to chase anything up and my questions were answered right away.

“My bike was even able to be repaired and I am now back to where I was before.

“I couldn’t have done it without Fiona.”

All too often we have acted for cyclists who have been struck by drivers who weren’t paying attention – this is NOT acceptable. 

Simply keeping an eye out can make the difference between a family welcoming home their loved one at the end of the day, rather than opening the door to ashen-faced police officers.

So whether a cyclist, pedestrian, horse rider or motorist… please remember to stay observant give all road users space and respect. 

It really is the simplest way to keep each other safe. 

David secures damages after being hit by careless driver whilst commuting to work on his bike.