Forklift truck accident at work causes driver back and neck injuries

Forklift in warehouse

Mr M. was working as a forklift driver. The foreman of the construction site overloaded Mr M.'s forklift, causing it to topple over and come to rest in a ditch.

Mr M. injured his neck and back as a result of the accident.

Impact of forklift accident

Mr M. developed a phobia of operating forklift and other building site machinery as a result of the forklift accident.

He was unable to return to working on building sites and required to seek alternative employment.

Forklift accident claims

Mr. M. came to Digby Brown to make a forklift accident claim against his employer.

When our personal injury solicitors contacted the employer to make the claim, they received no response from the main contractor of the building site. As a result, a court action was raised.

Forklift accident compensation

The Defenders then made an offer of settlement of £11,500.

Digby Brown advised Mr M. that this offer should be rejected, which it was.

After negotiation, our solicitors obtained a settlement of £40,000 - almost 4 times the original offer!

Legal advice about a forklift accident claim

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