Glasgow road traffic accident victim left disadvantaged in the labour market

parked cars in the road at night

Sam was injured in a road traffic accident in Glasgow after a car pulled out a side street, directly in front of his path.

“I was close enough to the other car that I actually seen the driver looking right at me but they pulled straight out and I had no chance to stop.”

Whiplash injuries from road traffic accident

Sam received whiplash injuries to his right shoulder and neck, consistent with seatbelt injuries. His neck healed after the accident and he attended physio.

However, his right shoulder didn’t heal by itself and he needed keyhole surgery.

“I opted for the operation to help the injury heal but I knew I would always be left with some issue or other but it was probably my best chance of recovery.

“I have what the doctor described as the Popeye effect where my muscle will harden and inflate my bicep and it won’t go down for hours.”

Off work as result of accident

Sam was off work for a month and returned only then as he was promoted to another job which was less manual work.

As he couldn’t drive for three months, he had to have a chauffeur at work during this time as he was required to drive to different sites as part of his new role.

Disadvantaged in the labour market as result of injuries

Although Sam’s position is non-physical, he did do some manual work before the road traffic accident. However, with his injuries from the accident, he can’t really do this now and definitely won’t be able to return to that line of work if he wanted to in the future.

“My arm still gets sore if used now for any length of time and my shoulder blade fatigues more easily now.

“Driving is part of my job but after the accident, it was painful to drive and even now there’s a niggle when I’m driving. I find every now and then I need to rest my arm.”

Injuries leave him in pain after any type of fitness

Sam was also a Member of the Reserve forces and has been for many years. As part of this, he was required to do a minimum of 40 days’ service a year and he would undergo an annual fitness test. If he goes on tour, he will need to pass a combat test which is a more difficult fitness test.

His injuries may mean that he will have to leave the Reserve Forces as although he has previously passed, he is concerned that due to ongoing pain and discomfort, he may not pass in the future.

“If I do any type of fitness, it leaves me in pain for days after.”

Road traffic accident claim

Sam originally went to a local law firm to pursue a road traffic accident claim but was later referred to Digby Brown.

“The local firm received an initial offer of £3,000 but they realised they couldn’t do anything more for me so referred the case to Digby Brown.

“The insurers sent me to a medical expert and she slammed my claim for compensation. My local firm didn’t have a counter specialist to argue the case.

“It wasn’t until I got to Digby Brown that they arranged for me to see their own specialist who was obviously superior than the insurers’, to rebuff their argument.”

Road traffic accident compensation over thirteen times more

Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Glasgow secured over 13 times the original offer of compensation for the road traffic accident and subsequent injuries and losses –.

“I would recommend Digby Brown to anyone, the service was excellent. I thought I was treated brilliantly, I was kept informed about everything that happened, it was really good."

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