Home renovation accident in Edinburgh has medical, financial effect

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The work accident impacted Mr X medically and financially. With Digby Brown’s personal injury expertise, we were able to help ensure Mr X received fair and proper compensation.

How did the work accident happen?

Mr X was employed as a plasterer at the time of the work accident.

He was working on a home renovation in Edinburgh when the ladder he was using slipped from under him.

He fell to the ground, fracturing his foot and ankle.

Impact of work injury

The fractures were severe enough to require an operation and metal pins to be inserted.

He was unable to bear weight on this leg for three months, leaving him completely housebound.

Work accident impacted him financially

The accident affected Mr X financially. During his absence from work as a result of his injuries, Mr X was paid Statutory Sick Pay.

However, when this ran out after 28 weeks, he had no way to meet his mortgage payments or other living expenses.

Digby Brown secured early compensation payment to relieve financial pressures

Digby Brown immediately took steps to obtain an interim payment from the defender's, securing a much needed £10,000 and ensuring Mr X could meet his immediate expenses.

An interim payment can be used in cases where fault is admitted and therefore compensation will be ultimately received. To help clients get back to pre-accident position as soon as possible, an advance payment can be made to help.

The claim settled out of court a year after the accident. Mr X has continued to suffer from ongoing pain and problems caused by his work accident, requiring a second operation and the continued use of one crutch to get about.

Work accident claim settled for £75,000

The work accident claim settled for £75,000 – a 50% increase in the initial offer made by the insurers to Mr X.

Our client appreciated the need, in cases like his, to use the specialist’s skills and expertise of Digby Brown’s personal injury lawyers.

Without these, the insurers would have kept back £25,000 and left Mr X without the proper amount of compensation to ensure his financially secure future.

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