Hotel accident claim when teacher left with chronic pain

Woman looking out of window

Our client was having an overnight stay at a 5-star hotel when she slipped on a slab outside, leaving her with lifelong chronic pain.

“I can walk now but can’t stand for any length of time. Being static is very difficult, and painful.”

Hotel accident injuries “Made me retire early”

Our client was head of a department at a local secondary school but due to the physical nature of the job, she wasn’t able to carry out her duties as a result of the accident injuries.

“I was off work for 5 months and returned on phased return but I wasn’t sure if it was doable. I went back for the academic year, August to June but by Christmas I decided to retire at the end of the academic year, two years early.”

Hotel accident claim with local solicitors in Glasgow

Our client contacted a local firm of solicitors in Glasgow to progress an accident claim for compensation.

“I decided to take it further and make a claim as I felt it is was unfair that I was suffering so much when they could have done something to prevent it.

“The hotels solicitors argued that you could sit and teach or there could be help put in place to continue to allow me to teach but nowadays you can’t, especially as head of department as you’re always moving – training new teachers, checking on classrooms, dealing with discipline issues.”

Turned to Digby Brown for hotel accident claim

Although the local firm had the case for over 3 years, they failed to make much progress with the claim for the hotel accident. There was an initial offer of £1,500 and then £45,000 but not enough to fairly compensate our client.

“They seemed to be getting nowhere with my claim. After three years, it became clear that they didn’t have experience of that type of case so I decided to pass the case over to Digby Brown.

“I also didn’t have any personal insurance so if the case was unsuccessful, I would have to pay all the costs. They advised me that they would definitely win the case so I didn’t need insurance but it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take.”

No win no fee for hotel accident claim

At Digby Brown, we offer no win no fee for accident claims. This means that in the event the case is not successful, clients are not liable to pay any costs or expenses.

“I understand it wasn’t a free service as there was a fee at the end but it was definitely money well spent.

“Digby Brown were very familiar with these types of personal injury claims compared to the other firm and had things set in place quickly and smoothly. They got things finally moving - dates in place and a meeting with the QC.

“I felt supported and secure the whole way through the claim process with Digby Brown.”

£100,000 compensation for hotel accident injuries and losses

Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh secured £100,000 compensation for the hotel accident claim – more than double the best offer obtained from the previous firm.

“I’m more than happy with the compensation achieved with Digby Brown. The claim settled within 8 months of having the case versus 3 years with the other law firm.

“The reality is I had to retire 2 years early and I now have to spend more money as I can’t do certain things myself anymore as a result of my injuries.

“I’m most challenged domestically as you have to stand at a sink to clean dishes, stand at a cooker to stir a pot for example. I now pay for extra help with the garden and cleaning.”

“Important to go to a specialist personal injury solicitor”

“I think it’s important to go to a specialist personal injury solicitor and not just simply going to a general solicitor who doesn’t know this area of the law.

“If I had gone to Digby Brown initially I doubt it would have taken almost 4 years to get the right level of compensation.

“I believe their personal injury solicitor’s expertise meant we didn’t have to go to court in the end, we got an out of court settlement, which I was very relieved about.”

What would you advise others in a similar situation?

“Without a doubt go to a reputable firm who are used to dealing with personal injury claims similar to yours and I would recommend Digby Brown.

“Choose a firm specialising in what suits your needs is key to getting the right results.”