Hotel didn’t even say sorry after ruining my holiday

Holiday pool area

A 67-year-old woman was staying at an all-inclusive Spanish resort when she fell and hurt her knee after slipping on broken glass.

She had to be taken to A&E at a Spanish hospital where medics confirmed she suffered soft tissue injuries to her right knee resulting in a need for supportive bandaging and pain medication.

It turned out the glass our client slipped on came from a broken glass that another guest had dropped earlier in the evening and although employee hotel worker tended to the spillage they failed to clear all of the broken glass.

“You couldn’t see the glass as it was clear, there was also no reason to expect to see it on the floor. We informed the reception staff what happened but they didn’t seem to care.

“It spoiled the rest of the holiday. Because of the pain in my knee I couldn’t walk very far and I couldn’t enjoy the sunshine in the same way with a thick bandage on my knee.”

Once our client was home, she attended her local GP, where she was referred to a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

“What I was really annoyed about was the hotel didn’t apologise or speak to me about what happened.

"After my holiday rep from Jet2 spoke with them they sent a card and one chocolate to my room saying sorry about the incident in my room – they couldn’t even get the details correct.

"I spoke to my local solicitor and they put me in touch with Digby Brown.”

Sandra Jurak and Fern Mapp in our Foreign and Travel team raised a claim for compensation against tour operator Jet2.

The travel company denied liability for the accident and claimed guests were responsible for their own safety.

Seen as Jet 2 weren’t prepared to accept liability, Sandra and Fern collected expert evidence which showed the hotel and its employees were in breach of local standards for cleaning and removing spillages along with maintenance of floor conditions.

Quite simply, this law proved the glass should have been cleared up completely, and our client could not have been expected to look out for glass as she walked.

In the end, the case successfully concluded without having to go to court – and our client was delighted to receive rightful damages for £4,250 with Jet 2 admitting full liability.

“The service was absolutely wonderful, so caring and made the whole thing so easy for me.

"Any questions would be answered straight away and they kept me informed every step of the way, I was very impressed.”

Thank you message for Fern Mapp and Sandra Jurak in Digby Brown Foreign & Travel Legal Team