How expert solicitors secure rightful compensation for pleural plaques victim

Asbestos in roof sheet

A joiner from Oban was diagnosed with pleural plaques and diffuse pleural thickening from working with asbestos more than forty years ago.

He went to another dedicated personal injury firm in Scotland but they turned him away, saying they were unable to help as they could not locate any insurance for the relevant companies and the previous companies were dissolved and no longer in existence.

“They seemed to have the case for ages and then they said they couldn’t find any of the firms I had worked for as they were no longer in business so that was that.”

Our client, like many others at the time, was exposed to asbestos when he was involved with building properties for a local firm. He cut directly into asbestos sheets releasing harmful asbestos dust and fibres into the air to then fit them around new homes. His employer provided no safety provisions to limit his exposure and didn’t even warn him of the dangers.

“In those days, there were a lot of asbestos roofs and things like that and you would cut into it by hand, so there was dust everywhere. It was just a thing you had to do, there was no real health and safety back then.”

He now has a respiratory disability and is at risk of his asbestos condition worsening or developing a more serious asbestos related condition. If he went on to develop Mesothelioma, the likelihood is that he would die within 12 months of the onset of symptoms. 

“I was breathless and couldn’t walk for much of a distance – I would have to sit down and I would be wheezing. I was sent to the hospital and it wasn’t until over a year later that a doctor said ‘you know you have pleural plaques?"

“I had never even heard of it before.“

It wasn’t until he read the Daily Express and saw Digby Brown’s name that he decided to get in touch.

“It was night and day, Digby Brown were absolutely fantastic and really helpful. Everything was far superior, they explained everything much better and got it all sorted.”

Jillian MacKenzie, Associate solicitor in our Industrial and Asbestos Disease team in Glasgow, was able to trace his previous employers to an active company and hold them to account.

In the end, we achieved £8,500 in full and final damages for our client.

“I wasn’t expecting anything, and was very pleased with what Digby Brown got me.

“I just take things day by day and get on with it. Hopefully I can get out a little more and start becoming a little more mobile.

“I would recommend anyone who found themselves in my position to contact Digby Brown without hesitation.”