Incompetent surgery left woman with major disfigurement

Woman getting advice from solicitor

Ms Y suffered excessive labial skin which caused functional problems. The first gynaecologist to whom she was referred declined to operate because of the complexity of the procedure.

He recommended surgery be carried out by a plastic surgeon.

Incompetent surgery leaves client in agony

Unfortunately, there was a mix up with the referral and Ms Y saw another gynaecologist instead of a plastic surgeon.

In a 5 minute consultation he agreed to operate. Ms Y never saw the consultant again before or after her operation.

Following the operation she was in agony and was referred to a plastic surgeon.

Plastic surgeon "one of the worst surgeries I had ever seen"

The plastic surgeon described the surgery as among the worst he had ever seen. He described it as a female circumcision.

The plastic surgeon carried out four further operations but Ms Y has been left with long term damage and discomfort.

Clinical negligence solicitors at Digby Brown help

Ms Y came to Digby Brown for help. Our specialist solicitors in clinical negligence raised a claim on our client's behalf.

Health board refuse to accept liability for incompetent surgery

Notwithstanding the absence of any defence to the action the Health Board declined to accept liability or to make any offer to compensate our client for the incompetent surgery which left her with a major disfigurement.

Compensation for clinical negligence

After Digby Brown raised court proceedings on her behalf, Ms Y received £50,000 in compensation for the clinical negligence.