Industrial disease solicitors help Mesothelioma victim receive rightful compensation

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Mary Campbell came to Digby Brown Solicitors after she was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer.

How was Mary exposed to Asbestos?

Mary was exposed to asbestos while living with her ex-husband. Her ex-husband was an electrician and worked on the construction of Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. What Mary didn’t know at the time was that he was exposed to asbestos on a daily basis whilst working there.

At the time, her ex-husband worked alongside insulation engineers who would mix bags of asbestos powder with water, releasing asbestos fibres in the air. Asbestos paste was also used to lag pipes and he would disturb asbestos insulation causing asbestos dust to escape into the air.  As a result, his work clothes were covered in asbestos dust which he would bring home to get washed.

Mary washed her husbands’ overalls by hand, twice a week and sadly, as a result of this, Mary was exposed to asbestos dust and particles which later caused her mesothelioma cancer.

“Claims such as this, where the victim came into contact with asbestos outside the working environment, are sadly becoming more common.”

Mary’s ex-husband’s work failed to provide any warnings about the dangers of exposure to asbestos and there was no measures taken to limit exposure by inserting extraction appliances for example, and no suitable clothing was given.

In regards to the actual washing of work clothes, there was no washing facilities provided and no advice was given regarding the dangers of taking home clothes from work which were contaminated with asbestos dust.

Effects of mesothelioma cancer

Mary has undergone four cycles of chemotherapy. This has left Mary feeling nauseated, with mouth ulcers and mild kidney impairment. As a result of her condition, she has diminished life expectancy and she will experience increasing symptoms of her condition.

Mary suffers from a recurring cough when the fluids build up in her lungs and remains short of breath which limits what she can do on a day to day basis and she requires some assistance of family members with personal care and household tasks since the onset of her symptoms.

How Digby Brown’s Industrial Disease Solicitors helped

Our personal injury lawyers are experts in industrial disease claims with extensive experience in this specialist area of the law.

They raised a court action on behalf of Mary to secure compensation for her during her lifetime.

"These types of cases are extremely difficult to prove as people develop symptoms many years after exposure to asbestos. We requested copies of asbestos surveys for Ninewells Hospital which allowed us to prove that Ninewells hospital contained asbestos today and that it was put there at the time Mary’s ex-husband worked there, through thorough investigations and expert engineering evidence."

This has enabled Mary to buy an automatic car, making it easier for Mary to drive. She has also put in a stair lift to give her more mobility as well as making some bathroom alterations like replacing her bath with a walk in shower.

“I would recommend that anyone who discovers they have an Asbestos Related Cancer to use Digby Brown Solicitors. I have nothing but praise for them and Euan Love in particular; they worked so hard to get a settlement for me. Euan kept me informed the whole way through and if I had any questions he was always there to help in any way he could.”

Sadly after continuing to receive chemotherapy treatment, and living life to the full and remaining positive by enjoying days out including segways, quad bikes and a Gyrocopter flight, Mary passed away after battling mesothelioma for 6 years.

Mary Campbell, mesothelioma victim, pictured in gyro copter

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