Injured teenager receives 4 times more compensation with motorcycle accident lawyers in Dundee

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Specialist motorcycle accident lawyers in Dundee helped a 16 year old teenager after he was injured in a motorcycle accident - and unable to pursue his future career choice - securing over 4 times the initial compensation offer.

How did the motorcycle accident happen?

Our client had just passed his motorcycle test and was heading to Halfords to get a new bike lock.

The other driver pulled into a junction right in front of him, cutting directly across his path. Our client hit the passenger side and flipped over. Witnesses say he bounced off the tarmac and the bike crashed into the pavement.

As a result of the motorcycle accident, he has been left with an injured left knee, with doctors indicating he would develop arthritis in the next 10 years.

How did Digby Brown’s motorcycle accident lawyers get more than 4 times the initial compensation?

The other driver’s insurers admitted liability and an initial compensation offer of £17,500 was made.

Injuries impacted on his future career

However, the injury our client sustained impacted on his future career choice. It was always his intention to join the army after leaving school. However due to his injury his fitness would never be at a level required for joining the army. His plan B was to join the Police Force.

However, this was another physical job which required good fitness.

“The worst thing about the accident was being told my bad left knee now hindered my chances to become an infantry soldier and join the army.

“My whole life had been geared towards this. I was an Army cadet which I really enjoyed as it gave me a lot of hands on experience. I was also doing a lot of fitness training including running. My injury now means I can no longer go running or train the way I used to.”

Motorcycle accident claim raised in court

Once specialist lawyers in Dundee raised the motorcycle claim in court, the case settled for £75,900 – over four times the initial compensation offer.

What would our client say about Digby Brown?

“The service was perfect. Constant communication and they never left you in the dark. Claudia McEachen dealt with the claim from start to finish and was really friendly. It was like dealing with a friend rather than a business.

“I’m very happy with the compensation amount, it has helped me buy a new car and invest in a property, giving me security for the future.”