Injured worker gets justice after lawyer fails to do a good job

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“When I found out what the case settled for, I burst into tears. It was a life-changing amount of money for me and much more than I thought I was going to receive.”

Mr Queen suffered from life changing injuries after an accident at work. He went to a local high street law firm who pursued a personal injury claim on his behalf for seven years before seeking legal help from Digby Brown.

Our expert and specialist personal injury lawyers secured £255,000 – over FIVE times the original compensation.

“I would tell anyone to go to a well-known, professional and experienced law firm who has done compensation claims over and over again. Obviously, the lawyer I went to in the beginning hadn’t done many injury claims before and didn’t know what he was doing. With a bigger company, they have more resources and experience.”

“A farce for the next seven years”

The original law firm did not have the necessary funding in place to properly investigate and prepare Mr Queen’s case. In the end, without adequate funding and specialist reports, his solicitor settled the claim for £50,000. This was a fraction of what was due to Mr Queen.

“It proceeded to be a farce for the next seven years. They weren’t very good – there was no contact from them and they didn’t return your calls. When I did speak with them, it was the same thing over and over again.

“In the end, it turned out they had been lying for two years. The truth was they had settled my claim two years previously without telling me or me giving my consent. It settled for much less than it should have.”

This was an extreme case and the law firm involved is no longer trading. The solicitor responsible is also no longer acting.

“I didn’t know what to do so turned to Digby Brown”

After coming to Digby Brown, we reviewed the file and could see there were grounds to sue the firm as they had negligently under-settled the case.

“After what happened I went into a dark depression as I didn’t know what was going on. As time went on with Digby Brown, things started to clear as I knew there would be an official end to it all.”

“Digby Brown were brilliant”

Our specialist solicitors pursued a professional negligence claim but liability was denied.

After seeking a court order to recover evidence of written and telephone communications from the solicitor to Mr Queen, liability was finally admitted.

In the end, our solicitors negotiated a settlement of £255,000.

“Comparing the service from my original solicitor and Digby Brown, it was literally chalk and cheese. Digby Brown were absolutely brilliant, my solicitor would update me and always call me back or email straight away. Any worries I had and my solicitor would reassure me.  Everything ran smoothly and they took me through the whole process again - but it was much better this time around. I was really impressed.”