Insurers refuse to admit fault for horse riding accident claim

Horse riding on the road

Our client was riding her horse on the road through a local village with some friends when they were involved in a horse riding accident.

As they were leaving the village a tractor was travelling along the side road. All of the group were competent riders and wearing hi visibility garments but it was clear that the driver of the tractor was not slowing down or going to stop.

The tractor pulled out of the junction and headed towards our client revving his engine. The noise of the engine startled our client’s horse, causing it to become very unsettled and eventually spin and back up. The other riders indicated for the driver to stop but he did not. Our client’s horse reared, she fell off and was injured, and her horse bolted.

Driver clearly at fault for horse riding accident

Specialist solicitors at Digby Brown in horse riding claims obtained witness statements that our client was clearly visible to the driver of the tractor and that she was riding sensibly.

In fact, one witness was a delivery driver who had overtaken our client earlier and saw the whole incident.

Horse riding accident claim against tractor driver

Our client obtained a photograph of the tractor and the registration and we were able to trace his insurer.

Our solicitors intimated a claim to the insurers and liability was denied, they did not admit fault.

Our solicitors advised that we had supportive witness evidence but the insurers remained firm. As such, we raised the horse riding claim in Court.

Insurers insist their not at fault for horse riding accident

The solicitors for the insurance company maintained their position of liability denied stating their client was a person who was used to being around animals.

They blamed our client for riding badly, and then argued that the horse was behaving badly before the tractor was anywhere near it - despite being advised that we had supportive witness statements that proved their client was at fault.

Our specialist solicitors held their position on fault despite a number of offers from the insurance company to abandon the case.

Insurers pay out for horse riding accident claim

We were successful with the case and insurers finally made a fair and proper offer to settle the horse riding accident claim.