Insurers say injured victim responsible for accident

Shopping in supermarket pushing trolley

Mrs Anderson had parked her car at a local supermarket in the highlands when she slipped on mud on the walkway, badly injuring her back.

“After I fell I was in such a state that I just went home. I went back and filled in an accident report but the supermarket didn’t seem to care.”

“I had to change my life to adapt to my injuries”

After the accident, Mrs Anderson needed help from her young son and husband to do day to day things like cleaning the house. Due to the nature of her work, she was also unable to take time off.

“It was a nightmare as I couldn’t do very much with my sore back. I had to change a lot of things in my life and ended up buying bits and pieces like a new hoover as it was too painful to use the one we had.”

Injury claim with Digby Brown

Mrs Anderson decided to contact Digby Brown Solicitors in Inverness after friends and family encouraged her to get in touch and she heard nothing further from the supermarket.

“Part of me thought I should just get on with it and not make a claim. I’d never complained about anything before in my life and I felt guilty doing so now.

“However, the supermarket didn’t seem to bother about what happened and the injuries could have been a lot worse if it happened to someone older like my parents. 6 months after my accident and they hadn’t done anything to the area to make sure someone else wasn’t hurt like I was.”

Insurers argue injured party to blame

The insurers of the supermarket argued that they were not responsible for the accident because Mrs Anderson had taken a shortcut and put herself in danger of slipping, rather than taking the alternative route which was dry.

“When the insurers tried to accuse me of causing the accident and began telling fibs I was really upset as I would never have complained if I thought I was wrong.”

Inverness personal injury lawyers prove client was not at fault

Looking at photographs of the scene of the accident, it was noted that in order to take what the insurer’s argued as being the ‘safer route’, Mrs Anderson would have been forced to walk on to the path of oncoming traffic.

Based on this evidence, our personal injury lawyers in Inverness argued that it was reasonable for Mrs Anderson to take the alternative route.

Rightful compensation for injury claim

The photographic evidence was provided to the insurer’s who consequently came to an agreement on liability and admitted fault. After medical evidence was collected and sent to insurer’s, an offer of compensation was made to Mrs Anderson which she happily accepted.

“I was absolutely delighted with the outcome. The main thing I wanted was for them to acknowledge what happened and make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else.

“The compensation Digby Brown achieved for me was far more than what I expected. It helped pay for bits and pieces like the hoover I needed to buy because of my sore back.

“I can’t thank my lawyer Joanna Corrance enough. She was there for me from day one and right behind me the whole way through, making the process very easy. The service was excellent.”