Inverness injury lawyers dispute wage loss for work claim

Work Accident in warehouse from TV advert

Our client was injured in an accident at work when a colleague, driving a large work vehicle, caught the back of his heel and dragged his foot underneath the wheel.

Digby Brown’s personal injury lawyers in Inverness fought for fair compensation for our client, securing over 5 times the original compensation offer.

Injury at work claim

As a result of the workplace accident, our client suffered extensive damage to his Achilles tendon. He couldn’t walk, requiring regular help and support from his friends and family.

Due to his injuries, he was unable to work for 6 months following the accident and lost a significant amount of wages.

He decided to get in touch with Digby Brown’s office in Inverness for help making an injury at work claim.

Zero-hour contract makes it difficult to prove wage loss

When our personal injury lawyers in inverness tried to claim back the wage loss as part of his injury at work claim, difficulties arose.

On the day of the accident, it was our clients first day at a new job working on a zero-hour contract. On the basis of this, any injury claim for wage loss was strongly disputed due to a lack of evidence for his loss of earnings.

Employer refuse to compensate for loss of earnings

The employer’s insurers made an original offer of £3,500 to our client and refused to make an offer for loss of earnings on the basis that our lawyers could not provide wage slips for our client.

Inverness injury lawyers prove wage loss

Our injury lawyers succeeded in obtaining comparative wage slips from a colleague at our clients place of work and from this, estimated a wage loss of £11,678.70.

They also spoke to previous employers to ascertain our client’s employment history and used this as evidence to confirm that he had a strong employment history and was likely to have continued working for his employer, putting in considerable hours.

Five times more compensation for injury at work claim

The insurers lawyers went on to accept Digby Brown’s position regarding wage loss and increased their offer of compensation by over five times the original figure.

The injury at work claim settled at the sum of £18,500 - an increase of £15,000 from the original offer.