Kelly Christie – life 10 years after a brain injury

Brain injury story - Kelly Christie

Kelly Christie sustained a brain injury following a road traffic accident in 2006. She was the passenger in a car being driven by her friend when she lost control of the vehicle and collided with another vehicle.

10 years on, Kelly shares her extraordinary story with others and how Digby Brown were able to help with her recovery and rehabilitation.

Impact of brain injury

"Little things came up every day like forgetting to put the washing machine on or forgetting to feed myself. It’s just little things you wouldn’t ever really think about in your life.

"Generally, just trying to find everything in your head is like a filing cabinet that has been smashed into smithereens and putting it all back together.

"I feel like everything changed for everybody as I wasn’t the person I used to be and I didn’t know who I was now."

How did Digby Brown help?

"I kind of felt when I started with Digby Brown there was light at the end of the tunnel.

"When I got that interim payment the care started there and then because the money was there. I didn’t have the money there to be paying for things privately.

"Within probably the first month everybody saw a massive difference in me, even I saw a difference."

"Knew what they were doing"

"The fact I had specialist brain injury solicitors who knew what they were talking about, they knew what could and might happen, what I needed and so on definitely helped.

"I knew they were fighting my case they were doing everything they could to do the best for me.

Not able to go back to work as a chef

"I could throw of a 100 meals quite easily before the brain injury and I could work under pressure but now, even 10 years down the line, I don’t cook.

"Instead, after working in a nail salon and loving it, I started training and I'm now trained to the highest level and own my own salon."

How did the compensation help?

"The compensation definitely helped me with my recovery because I was able to pay for what I needed.

"I spent more than half my money on care, and if I didn’t spend that money I wouldn’t be where I am today never mind anywhere else.

"Now it’s just me making money and having a normal life really."

Specialist brain injury solicitors

If you or a loved one has been affected by an acquired brain injury and you need legal help and advice, you can call our specialist solicitor Chris Stewart on 0141 566 9541.

Alternatively, you can find out more by visiting brain injury legal advice.

Kelly Christie talks about her life after a brain injury