Medical misdiagnosis of cancer claim successful with Digby Brown Solicitors

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Digby Brown’s medical negligence solicitors helped a woman in Dundee after medical misdiagnosis of cancer resulted in the removal of her kidney and ureter – although later results showed that there was no cancer cells present.

Medical misdiagnosis of cancer

Mrs K was referred by her GP to a local hospital for further investigations after reporting the presence of blood in her urine.

A CT scan of her kidneys and ureters was performed and after looking at the results, they suspected she may be suffering from cancer. The case was referred to the uro-oncology multi-disciplinary team (MDT) for further consideration with a recommendation for a biopsy to be obtained to confirm the diagnosis of cancer.

A biopsy is the most accurate form of test for the type of cancer from which Mrs K was thought to be suffering from. However, the MDT decided that the scan was convincing enough and Mrs K did not need a biopsy to confirm diagnosis of cancer. They recommended that Mrs K’s right kidney and ureter be removed.

Mrs K was informed of the recommendation but she was not told that she could have a biopsy to confirm diagnosis. There was no discussion of the risks and benefits of the options available so she could make an informed choice.

Mrs K’s right kidney and ureter was removed and later analysis revealed no evidence of cancer. Mrs K’s kidney was healthy and should not have been removed.

The effect of medical misdiagnosis of cancer

Mrs K was in hospital for almost a week and required a catheter for two weeks. She now has reduced overall kidney function and suffers from swollen fingers and feet as a result. She is worried about the consequences of her remaining kidney being injured or damaged by any future injury or illness.

Cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim

Mrs K and her family decided to pursue a claim for misdiagnosis after making a complaint to the hospital first of all. After meeting with medical staff involved, their suspicions were confirmed that staff were medically negligent as they should have performed a biopsy to confirm cancer. If they had, Mrs K kidney would not have been removed.

Expert medical negligence lawyers

Digby Brown’s medical negligence lawyers are well experienced with misdiagnosis cases and claiming compensation for clients. They obtained an independent expert opinion to support the case on medical negligence, and sued the Health Board who employed Mrs K’s Consultant Urologist. The medical negligence case settled for £30,000 compensation following negotiation with the Health Board’s Solicitors.

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