Medical negligence in Scotland leaves patient with permanent nerve damage

Blurred out hospital ward

Digby Brown’s medical negligence solicitors helped a woman in Glasgow, Scotland, after hospital negligence meant she suffered from permanent nerve damage to her right arm.

Medical negligence by staff at hospital in Scotland

Our client suffers from type 1 diabetes and was admitted to hospital after suffering from flu like symptoms and starting to hyperventilate.

At hospital she was given an insulin infusion to help. However, there were issues with inserting the tube to give the insulin, which caused our client pain and later caused the permanent nerve damage.

There was a failure on the part of the treating medical and nursing staff at the hospital to appreciate the urgency of the symptoms our client symptoms was displaying and properly monitor her right arm and hand

Had they intervened earlier she would not have sustained permanent damage to her right arm and hand.

Impact of medical negligence on client

Our client has permanent sensory and motor impairment of her right arm and hand.

She is now prone to tingling sensations in her fingers, spasms and attacks of coldness as well as permanent decreased grip strength in her dominant right hand.

Our client now can no longer write or use a keyboard as she did before the medical negligence.

Due to the medical negligence she suffered, she is currently unfit for work which means she has lost, and will continue to lose, wages. She is at a disadvantage on the labour market going forward as a result of her injuries.

Expert medical negligence solicitors

Digby Brown’s medical negligence lawyers are vastly experienced in medical negligence cases arising from hospital treatment and in pursuing medical negligence claims on behalf of clients in Scotland.

Our medical negligence lawyers were able to understand the complexities involved in this case and seek the correct expert medical opinions needed to support the case on medical negligence, and raise an action against the hospital accordingly.

Medical negligence claim settled for £125,000

The medical negligence claim settled for £125,000 compensation following negotiation between the Health Board’s Solicitors and our medical negligence solicitors.

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