Mesothelioma compensation claim in Scotland - but from Canada

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Large numbers of Scots emigrated to countries such as Canada and Australia in the 1950's and 1960's.  Many of the men that emigrated worked in heavy industry and were exposed to asbestos, with many developing asbestos related conditions. 

However, people are still able to pursue a legal claim for compensation against employers in Scotland – even if they no longer live here.

Exposed to asbestos in Glasgow Shipyards

Mr M. was employed as an apprentice marine engineer by a shipyard company in Glasgow for 5 years in the late 50s.

Through his role, he was exposed to asbestos daily and inhaled large quantities of asbestos dust and fibres.

His employer failed to put in place safety precautions to minimise his exposure to asbestos, whose use was very common at this time. There were no masks given or any other respiratory protection, ventilation or protective clothing. There was no advice given about washing after work to remove as much of the dust as possible.

“We left Scotland in our early 20s for work. His career took him to many places but he was never exposed to asbestos anywhere else.”

Diagnosed with mesothelioma –  an asbestos related lung cancer

“There were lots of symptoms but he was sick for around 4 -5 years. The fluids in his lugs would build up and he found it difficult to breathe. He had 13 litres of fluid drained from his lungs at one point but the results all came back fine. It was when we went to a lung surgeon that he said he found something very sinister.

“At that time, people didn’t really know the damage that could be caused by asbestos – similar to smoking in a way. When I found out his mesothelioma was caused by going to work in the shipyards, I felt very angry and upset but tried to stay positive for my husband.”

Mesothelioma claim for compensation through Scottish courts

Mr M. decided to pursue a claim after other people advised him that he could receive legal help. He knew he could not have been exposed to asbestos in Canada and was recommended Digby Brown by others for pursuing a mesothelioma claim.

Our solicitors specialise in mesothelioma claims and have the knowledge and expertise to trace historic employment records and prove negligence by employers. We pursued a claim on behalf of the entire family, including his wife, two children and five grandchildren.

Throughout the process, Mr M. kept in touch with Digby Brown and provided them with everything they needed to build a case – including the letter he received from his employer in the 50s confirming his apprenticeship.

“Even though we were in Canada and Digby Brown being in Scotland, it wasn’t a hindrance. We went ahead with the claim for compensation and hoped for the best."

Digby Brown helped the family through the process

“The service we received was a 100%. I was overwhelmed by the hard work of Digby Brown, we were very well taken care of at a very difficult time in our lives.

“Our solicitor was compassionate, patient and sensitive as he guided us all through this process. He kept us informed all the way through and always said anytime we had any questions to get in touch and he always got back quickly.”

Family continue the fight for compensation

“He tried everything he could to help his condition, chemotherapy, clinical trials. He suffered from terrible coughing fits and we could see before Christmas he was getting worse. We had an early Christmas celebration at home and he was here for Christmas but passed away in March at home. It was very sad to watch”.

“My husband tried for as long as he could to get us something. After he died we decided to continue with the claim that he started and it went from there.”

Mesothelioma compensation for family

Our solicitors were able to recover rightful compensation for the family in the region of £430,000.

“We were very happy with the outcome of the case but it was bittersweet – all of us cried as he wasn’t there to accept it.

“My husband was very good at investing money and our children and grandchildren are investing the money in his name. My son made a donation to the hospital in my husband’s name to help doctors research mesothelioma further.”

Claiming mesothelioma compensation from Canada for Scotland

“In Canada, not as many people have asbestos related conditions and are aware of the legal service available.

“It was an episode in my life I wouldn’t want to go through again and wouldn’t wish upon anyone, having to watch someone suffer like that.

“I hope our story helps others who may be going through a similar situation get the legal help we received.”