Motorcycle accident claim secures compensation after driver denies liability

Motorcycle in traffic in town

Digby Brown’s specialist motorcycle accident claims solicitors helped a man obtain the compensation he was entitled to after he was injured in a road traffic accident in Scotland.

How the motorcycle accident happened

At the time of the motorcycle accident, Mr S was riding his Honda motorcycle home from work when a lorry pulled out in front of him and collided with Mr S and his motorcycle.

Mr S was knocked off his bike and landed on the road. The lorry driver tried to say that he didn't see Mr S. He then tried to argue that Mr S had been travelling too fast.

How did Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors prove fault?

The personal injury solicitors within our motorcycle accident claims department are well experienced in proving fault in motorcycle accidents.  In this case, we obtained witness statements which confirmed Mr S did have his headlights on, was travelling on a straight section of road, and was travelling safely and under the speed limit.

Injuries from motorcycle accident

Unfortunately, Mr S sustained a variety of accident injuries. He lost consciousness for a brief period at the road accident scene and was taken to hospital. He suffered a dislocated shoulder and a small bleed to his brain. He was discharged the following day with advice about concussion.

Luckily, Mr S made a very good recovery from his injuries from the motorbike accident and was able to get back to work once his shoulder had healed. Bruising to his hip and thigh settled quickly.

Specialist motorcycle accident solicitors seek expert medical reports and compensation

The expert evidence from a neurologist and a neuropsychiatrist confirmed that the brain bleed had caused a slight difficulty with word finding, but that there would be no lasting difficulties for Mr S. The orthopaedic expert agreed that the shoulder injury had recovered well, and Mr S would be able to continue working as normal in his current role.

We also recovered the full cost of our client’s bike and safety kit, and payment for the help and assistance his family members gave him while he was recuperating.

Mr S benefitted from no win no fee funding through our Compensate package, which allowed a court action to be raised without him having to find the funds to pay for his medical reports, police statements, or the court action. In the end, the motorcycle accident claim settled in the region of £30,000.

Lianda Barnes, personal injury solicitor at Digby Brown, states:

Lianda Barnes

"As a specialist motorcycle accident lawyer, I frequently see drivers putting forward defences that they didn't see the motorcyclist, and then trying to say that the bike was going too fast. Getting good witness evidence about our client’s safe riding helped in this case. In other cases, expert reconstruction evidence is required.

For Mr S, we were able to persuade the insurers to admit liability, however they failed to settle the cost of storage and recovery of the bike, or other out of pocket expenses quickly. Once the medical position was clear an action was raised in the Court of Session and the case settled within 10 weeks of proceedings being raised."

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