Motorcycle accident secures compensation following amputation

Throttle of a motorbike

Christopher Woodward-Clark lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in Ayrshire. Our motorcycle accident claim solicitors were able to guide Christopher through the claim process and help him secure interim payments and compensation to help him move on from the accident.

What was the impact of the accident for you?

Christopher Woodward-Clark: “It meant learning a new way of life. It was like being a baby again and having to learn everything all over like walking. You don’t realise how lucky you are to have two arms and two legs until you don’t."

Digby Brown guided me through the claim process and secured interim payment for therapy and surgery

Christopher Woodward-Clark: “I didn’t know what was involved in claiming compensation. The solicitor visited me in hospital after we got in touch and explained the whole process and what the options were.”

“They also coordinated with the insurance company for an interim payment to pay for private psychological treatment straight away to help me deal with the mental side of the injury.”

What did the compensation claim include?

Accommodation needs now, and in the future

Digby Brown's motorcycle accident solicitors factored in the costs of Christopher adapting a home to allow him to remain as independent as possible into his overall claim.  

Getting the right Prosthesist

Digby Brown had an expert prosthetist consider all of the available options and recommend a limb which Christopher can continue to use, insure and have serviced for the rest of his life.

Helping Christopher get back on the road

We were able to speak with the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), and they helped Christopher identify and modify a motorcycle to allow him to get back on the road.

Proving Liability and securing compensation

Dealing with Third Party Insurers

The other drivers’ insurance company denied liability, but made an early compensation offer which proved to be four times less than the final compensation awarded.

Lianda Barnes, personal injury solicitor at Digby Brown specialising in Motorcycle Law: “For a young man, struggling with financial worries, the temptation is there (and the insurers know it) to jump at a lowball offer.”

How our motorcycle accident solicitors proved liability

Throughout the case, liability remained in dispute. Our motorcycle accident solicitors gathered evidence, allowing them to piece together what had happened.

Lianda Barnes, personal injury solicitor at Digby Brown: “It appears most likely that the car driver was trying to pull into a parking space on Christopher’s side of the road, and trapped him between a parked car and her car, having not seen (or not appreciated the presence of) a motorcyclist. We obtained an expert reconstruction report which confirmed this.”

Whilst liability was not formally admitted, Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors settled Christopher’s claim for more than four times the initial compensation offer.

Motorcycle accident compensation – how has it helped?

Christopher Woodward-Clark: “I couldn’t have asked for anything more. As Lianda said, the result doesn’t replace what you lost, but it helps you re-adjust your life.

"Regarding the final settlement, it helps with normal everyday things like stairs and chores as you figure out what you can do and what you can’t. I need to consider the type of house I live in and the compensation helps with this, and also to adapt my surroundings to suit me so I can get back to as normal as I can. It also allows me to get future treatment.”

What does Christopher have to say about Digby Brown?

"I couldn’t rate Digby Brown enough and would absolutely recommend Digby Brown to anyone. Lianda, and the whole institution, were amazing. Everything went smoothly and the result and after-care was great. Even after the case, Lianda arranged for a financial advisor to help make sure the compensation was used in the right manner as you never expect to receive that amount of money at one time, so you need to be careful.

“Thank you and the team for resolving this for me and letting me put it all behind me. Amazing experience with you all”