Nice result for refuse collector after another legal firm said he had no claim

Working in the snow

Digby Brown recently settled the personal injury claim of a West of Scotland Local Authority refuse collector, who had been advised by his original solicitors that there was nothing they could do to recover damages for him. Thankfully, he then approached Digby Brown. Using our specialist expertise and experience in such claims, we were able to settle his claim for £19,000 in respect of his injuries.

How the work accident happened

During a harsh winter Mr S, and his colleagues were sent out on their daily rounds in severe blizzard conditions. This was despite Met Office severe weather warnings and most of the roads in the local area being covered in a thick layer of compacted ice and snow. Unsurprisingly, within 10 minutes of beginning his round Mr S slipped and struck his head on the pavement whilst moving a wheelie bin. As a result, Mr S sustained a post concussional head injury. Most strikingly he experienced a total loss of his sense of smell and impairment of his sense of taste, which severely affected his quality of life.

Personal injury claim with another firm - and then said he had no claim

Mr S approached a reputable firm of solicitors seeking legal advice. They took on his personal injury claim and after a full 12 months had elapsed with little progress made they informed Mr S that there was no prospect of his claim being successful.

Personal injury specialists - Digby Brown

Fortunately, for Mr S, was able to access free expert legal advice from Digby Brown – personal injury specialists.

Digby Brown’s experience and expertise quickly identified that if the Local Authority were to ask Mr S and his colleagues to work in such obviously treacherous conditions, they had a duty to minimise the risk of injury through the provision of anti slip footwear.  To make the strongest possible argument on behalf of our client, we instructed a highly respected expert who supported the personal injury claim.  Digby Brown were able to do this, at no financial cost or risk to Mr S, because of our unique no win no fee legal funding and insurance expenses funding package.

Personal injury compensation

Digby Brown’s argument, ultimately, accepted by the Local Authority in question, who agreed to pay Mr S damages totalling £19,000 for the injuries he sustained.

A proper and fair result for a client who deserved better than being told there was “no prospect” of recovering damages.