No amount of money can make up for what happened – but it gives us security

Older man looking thoughtful

“No amount of money can make up for Gary not being able to work.

“Our life before the accident came to a sudden stop – going on holidays, driving to see the kids, socialising with friends.

“The compensation helps pay our mortgage so we don’t need to worry about how we’re going to pay it every month. It also gives us security as we can adapt the house in the future for Gary if we need to.

“But life will never be the same again. He will never be a 100%.”

Gary Lisle was working at Faslane Naval Base as a shipwright when he was involved in a life changing accident at work.

Mr Lisle needed to travel across the base to get tools for the job he doing and a naval officer offered him a lift.

However, as Mr Lisle climbed into the rear backseat of the vehicle, the officer started to drive off and in the process crushed Mr Lisle’s ankle.  

“I was totally devastated. I’ve worked all my life and didn’t expect to go to work and have that happen to me. 
“I knew straight away I was seriously injured. I saw my foot spin 360 degrees and I was frightened to take my boot off and look – I was worried it would just fall off.” 

Mr Lisle’s life changed the day of the accident. What seemed like a straightforward injury was not. 

While surgery helped piece together ligaments and other structures in the ankle, it did not fix Mr Lisle’s problems.  He developed complex regional pain syndrome which resulted in chronic daily pain.  

Mr Lisle, who at the time of the accident was an active 55-year-old, could no longer walk distances and he was medically dismissed from work.

“I can’t go anywhere without a crutch. I miss work, the friendship with colleagues and the pride of earning my own wage.” 

Against the background of pain and disability, Mr Lisle’s mental health declined.

“I get panic attacks and mood swings now – I’m just not the same person I used to be and never will be again

“I wouldn’t be here without my partner Cathy – it impacted on her as well but she was my rock through it all.”

Mr Lisle instructed specialist personal injury solicitors at our Glasgow office and his case was funded by Compensate. This meant he was able to pursue his claim knowing he would not have to pay for the costs of investigations needed in his case.  

“I didn’t know what to expect from Digby Brown but they were all very professional and caring – from the receptionist in Glasgow to the whole team of solicitors that helped with my case. They knew your name and would ask after you, they genuinely cared.

“I was on the phone all the time and they were always reassuring us and were absolutely brilliant through it all.”

Our specialist solicitors were able to identify that the driver of the vehicle was employed by the Ministry of Defence and successfully argued that they were liable for the accident.  

Various interim payments were requested for Mr Lisle to help alleviate the financial pressure he was experiencing as a result of being absent from work and to fund the treatment he desperately needed.  When the interim payments were not forthcoming, a Court action was raised to progress matters rather than letting the case linger.  

In all, six experts were needed to investigate his injuries, losses (including loss to his pension fund) and care needs - and these investigations cost more than £14,000. 

If Mr Lisle did not come to Digby Brown, then he may have had to pay for these expert reports himself, or compromise on the experts instructed. 

However, Mr Lisle DID come to Digby Brown and after we conducted thorough investigations tailored to his specific needs, his case against the Ministry of Defence settled for nearly £500,000. 

“I’m over the moon. I was worried sick about the mortgage but the compensation means we can pay it off and have money for our future and install really important things we may now need like a stair lift.”