Obvious health and safety precautions would have ensured accident never happened

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Mrs C. made a claim on behalf of her daughter after she was injured in a new playpark in Scotland. 

How the accident happened

When her daughter was 12, she was playing in the grounds of her local primary school. A new playpark had been installed during the summer holidays and on the day of the accident, her daughter and a friend noticed that the workmen had finished work on the playpark and it was open for use. 

Her daughter went to walk across what she thought was a fixed wooden log but when she stepped on it, the log spun around and her daughter fell to the ground below. 

The workmen had not yet completed the playpark but had not taken steps to prevent access or erected signs to tell children not to play there. 

Accident injuries

Mrs C's daughter suffered a fracture of the radius and ulna in her right arm.

She needed surgery to insert screws and plates in her arm. 

Because of the surgery, her daughter was left with 10cm long scars on either side of her forearm. The scars are very visible and permanent. 

As a young teenage girl, she was very conscious of the scars and always kept them covered. 

Mrs C's daughter also had ambitions to pursue a modelling career but felt that her scars would now make this impossible. 

Compensation for personal injury

After raising her personal injury claim in the Court of Session, the case settled for £25,000 to compensate her for her injuries and the fact that she could no longer consider modelling as a career.

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