Pedestrian knocked down by car received double the initial compensation offer

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Fiona was a pedestrian on her way home on a wet November evening when she was knocked over by a car as she crossed the road.

“The car came out of nowhere and hit me just as I reached the traffic island in the middle of the road. I bounced off the car and landed on the ground.  All the driver could say was ‘I didn’t see you’.

“I had a big bump on my head and my leg was in a lot of pain. After being checked over by the paramedics they decided to take me to A&E.”

X-rays confirmed that Fiona had sprained a number of ligaments in her right leg.

“I had to get around on crutches for the first 2 to 3 weeks. It was very painful and I wasn’t really able to do very much. I then was left using stick for a few weeks after that before I felt confident enough to walk without it.”

After speaking with family and friends, Fiona decided to get in touch with Digby Brown for legal advice.

“People kept telling me, ‘you haven’t done anything wrong and you should do something about it’. I’d heard the adverts for Digby Brown and a friend said they had an office in Glasgow so I got in touch.”

Lee Cairney in our Glasgow office pursued the personal injury case against the driver.

“The insurer kept trying to contact me directly but as soon as Lee took got involved, he put a stop to that and made sure they contacted him instead.

“Having a local office made all the difference. I really didn’t want to phone someone random and not know who I was dealing with. Being able to meet with Lee face to face really helped  put my mind at rest.”

The insurers admitted that the driver was at fault and accepted liability for the accident. They made an offer of £2,150 to compensate for Fiona’s injuries.

After consideration, Lee felt that this was not enough and Fiona followed his advice and rejected the initial offer.

The insurers increased their original offer to £5,100 - more than double to original offer - which Fiona was delighted to accept.

“I would highly recommend Digby Brown to anyone in my situation. The advice from Lee the whole way through was excellent and he made everything so simple.

“I would tell anyone who was injured on the road to just call Digby Brown.”