Personal injury claim switches to Digby Brown Solicitors for over 10 times the initial compensation

Car driving in the rain on country road

Ms Morrison was involved in a road traffic accident with her partner when another driver came round a bend and lost control of her vehicle, colliding head on with their car.

Both cars went up in flames after the car accident and Ms Morrison suffered from injuries to her chest, neck and back.

Impact of road traffic accident injuries

Ms Morrison was off work for 4 weeks to recover from her injuries, during this time she barely left the house.

While recovering from the accident, she relied on her partner for day to day tasks such as cleaning and dressing and she had trouble sleeping because of the pain.

Ms Morrison feels nervous and anxious when driving, and has suffered a couple of panic attacks. She has now changed her working hours so she doesn’t need to travel in rush hour traffic, and has changed the route she takes to and from work.

Other law firm recommended accepting first compensation offer of £1,400 - without knowing true value of claim

Ms Morrison was represented by another law firm before switching her personal injury claim to Digby Brown.

The insurers admitted liability and made a pre-medical evidence offer of £1,400, which the law firm recommended Ms Morrison accept.

They failed to carry out any investigations to determine the proper value of her personal injury claim.

Ms Morrison was obliged to repay the sick pay she received when she was off work if the claim was successful claim. However, the other solicitors had not even contacted her employers to find out how much had to be repaid.

The amount of sick pay Ms Morrison would have to repay to her work turned out to be £1,800 - £400 more than the pre-medical compensation offer.

Had Ms Morrison accepted the offer recommended by the previous law firm, she would have been left owing money back to her employer!

“I did not feel that the previous firm were interested in fighting my case for me and I felt like it was all a hassle to them and they just wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible without really looking into it on my behalf.

"I had seen an advert for Digby Brown and looked up some of the reviews they had online and thought they sounded like they cared about their clients so I called them and I am so glad I did!”

Switched personal injury claim to Digby Brown Solicitors

Ms Morrison switched her claim to Digby Brown Solicitors and her case was assigned to personal injury solicitors in Glasgow.

Expert medical evidence collected to determine value of claim

Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Glasgow undertook thorough investigations to determine the true value of her claim.

They arranged a medical report to be prepared by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon which advised that Ms Morrison would not recover from her physical injuries until approximately 18 months after the car accident.

They also instructed a Consultant Psychiatrist who diagnosed Ms Morrison with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and recommended that she undergo Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help in dealing with the anxiety and panic attacks she experiences while driving.

Benefits of Compensate funding package

Access to our Compensate funding meant we were able to obtain the reports and evidence needed to properly evaluate the accident and its impact on Ms Morrison’s health and life, at no financial risk to Ms Morrison.

“The service I received from Digby Brown was second to none.

“From day one the solicitor listened to me and was interested in getting the best outcome for me.

“I was always kept in the loop every step of the way and I trusted every piece of advice I was given by them. They make you feel like you are the priority!”

Negotiating compensation for road traffic accident injuries

After gathering all of the necessary evidence, Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Glasgow invited the insurers to make an offer. They offered £9,500 in compensation which was rejected.

Court proceedings were raised and another compensation offer of £11,500 was received. Digby Brown’s solicitors also recommended that this offer was rejected.

Thereafter, a settlement was negotiated with the insurance company in the sum of £15,000 - 10.7 times more than the initial compensation offer. 

How has the compensation helped?

“The compensation has helped me greatly. I paid back my sick pay to work and I managed to obtain the therapy I required to enable me to drive with confidence again.

“I can't thank Digby Brown enough for all of their help and support through this process and would urge anyone in the same position to contact them. They are fantastic!”