Personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh secure compensation for bus accident victim

Passengers on a bus

Digby Brown’s Edinburgh office helped Elizabeth Johnstone with a personal injury claim after she was injured stepping off a bus when the bus kept moving.

Although the other firm closed the case, within 12 months our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh had turned the case around, and secured rightful compensation for Elizabeth.

What was the impact of the personal injuries from the bus accident?

Elizabeth’s body was twisted as a result of the bus continuing to move as she was stepping off, causing her pain in her right hand side; legs and lower back.

“Still struggle to walk at times”

“I was on crutches for 4 weeks and then had to build up my strength again. Although I am right handed, my left side is now stronger than my right.

“It was horrendous, needed help from my mum for everyday things such as dressing and physiotherapy sessions to help the injuries heal.

“Even now, there are times I still struggle with walking, it just varies from day to day.”

Other firm of lawyers closed personal injury claim

Elizabeth had gone to another firm of lawyers to pursue a personal injury claim but after two and half years of having the case, they said they couldn’t take the case forward.

Elizabeth suffers from a pre-existing issue of sciatica in her back and they failed to identify the correct medical experts to link her injuries to the accident.

Without this evidence, they had to close the case.

Contacted Digby Brown’s personal injury lawyers for help

Elizabeth contacted Digby Brown for help shortly thereafter. Within 6 months, our personal injury lawyers in Edinburgh were able to turn it around and litigate the personal injury claim in court.

“The first thing Digby Brown did was tell me I was entitled to compensation, even after I explained I had a pre-existing lower back issue.

“They quickly arranged a private medical report with a specialist to prove my injuries were a result of the accident on the bus.”

Personal injury claim

As Elizabeth’s injuries prevented her from taking up a job she was offered, the personal injury claim also included the wage loss.

“Solicitor was only a phone call away”

They were absolutely brilliant, kept me up to date by post, emails, over the phone, there was constant contact throughout the case.

“My solicitor explained at the beginning; that it was quite intense but then it would go quiet as the case would take time to settle.

“However even when it was quiet I would hear from her to tell me how it was going and I knew she was only a phone call away.”

The case settled almost exactly 12 months after our lawyers received it, turning the case completely around and securing compensation for Elizabeth.

“By your side, fighting for you”

“I felt like I was getting nowhere with my previous solicitor but with Digby Brown, I had someone on my side fighting my case.

“They were always there, giving legal assistance, absolutely brilliant.

“Delighted with the compensation I received”