Polish injury lawyers secure full liability for car accident

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Read case study in Polish at Polscy prawnicy zapewniają odszkodowanie po wypadku samochodowym

Anna was injured in an accident after coming home from work one evening. She was approaching a stop sign at a T-junction when suddenly a car came round the bend too fast and hit her.

“I knew he was going too fast and I suddenly felt the impact. I was very scared. Luckily my colleague stopped by and then my boss came to the scene.”

“Car accident meant my children had to grow up quicker”

As a result of the car accident, Anna injured her spine and was left with considerable pain.

“The pain from the accident meant I could not spend time actively with my children. My children had to grow up quicker and had to take care of me.

“I had to take time off work as the pain was preventing me from doing my job. Sometimes the pain was so strong that I could not even get out my bed in the morning.”

“I knew I was entitled to claim compensation”

Anna had previously worked for companies dealing with compensation when she was living in Poland and knew she was entitled to claim for her injuries after the car accident.

“Because the condition of my spine was worsening I decided to make a personal injury claim for compensation.”

Polish lawyers at Digby Brown

At Digby Brown we recognise the growing population of Polish nationals living here in Scotland. As a result of this, we have specialist personal injury lawyers who speak native Polish.

This can be hugely beneficial as we often find due to the language barrier, that clients can’t properly explain their injuries to GP or the solicitors involved.

“Speaking Polish with my lawyer was very helpful. I was able to state precisely how the accident happened and how I was feeling and they were able to understand me fully.

“They always provided information about the case - like what stage it was at. The lawyers gladly answered all questions I had and were always available to help.

“I would highly recommend them to anyone else who has been injured in an accident that was not their fault.”

Specialist medical care made all the difference

Previously, solicitors in England had arranged for a medical examination but they did not speak Polish and they never instructed an interpreter. As a result, the report prepared by their expert was of no use.

Our lawyers arranged for Anna to be seen by private specialist doctors who were able to correctly diagnose her issues with her spine.

“Mainly because of Digby Brown’s help, I finally had an operation on my spine. Thanks to the MRI scan I was able to see a specialist doctor immediately.”

Lawyers proved 100% liability

At the time the case came to our polish personal injury lawyers, the other driver’s insurers admitted liability but on a 50% contributory negligence as they believed our client had contributed to the accident.

Our lawyers could not see any fault on the part of Anna for causing the accident so they instructed a road traffic reconstruction expert, who also confirmed that he could not see any fault on the part of Anna.

The defender’s insurers still denied liability for the accident advising that Anna’s insurance company had agreed liability split at 50/50. However, our lawyers remained firm and explained Anna did not speak any English and did not take part in the negotiations between the insurance companies.

Eventually, our lawyers received a compensation offer from the defender’s insurers to settle her personal injury claim. The offer was on full liability for causing the road traffic accident.

"Finally go back to my normal life"

“I would like to thank my lawyer Izabela Wosiak and all the people who have been involved in my case a sincere thank you. Thanks to you, I finally had the surgery I needed and now I can go back to my normal life and enjoy moments with my children. I cannot express how grateful I am. Thank you very much.”