Polish lawyers prove employer at fault for farm accident

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A Polish man injured his knee when he was working on a farm in Scotland. Management told him to clean a machine when he slipped on the cover, fell backwards and injured his knee.

He was a seasonal worker and had to return to Poland because he could not afford to continue living in Scotland as his injury left him unable to work – and he received no wages.

This accident was preventable. If his employer had followed Health and Safety regulations in place to protect workers, the accident would not have happened. They failed to provide training on how to safely clean this machine and did not supply a stepladder to allow him to access the top of the machine safely.

After he contacted Digby Brown about making a claim, Polish lawyer Izabela Wosiak acted on his behalf.

Polish lawyers prove fault for accident

His employer’s insurers argued that they never told him to clean the machine and that even if they had, it was possible to do so from ground level.

Our Polish lawyers successfully proved that he had received clear instructions from his employer to clean the machine and that it was not humanly possible for him to clean the machine from the ground as the machine was too high.

Medical treatment to get back to work

We arranged for him to see a medical expert who recommended surgery. After undergoing a surgical reconstruction, he was able to return to work and start earning money again.

Employer refuses to pay compensation

As his employer’s insurers were not forthcoming with offers to compensate our client, our lawyers took the case to court to secure fair compensation.

This was all funded and paid with Compensate, which is similar to no win no fee. It meant our client was not asked to pay for any costs and would not be responsible for the costs if the case was not successful.

In the end, his case settled for £15,000.