Rape victim awarded compensation from employer

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Kim Leslie, Partner and specialist lawyer in sexual assault claims at Digby Brown, helped a woman secure compensation after being raped at work.

As part of her role, she inspected properties. One day, as she was leaving a property a tenant sexually attacked her.

The effect on our client has been wide-ranging. She has suffered psychologically and it has greatly impacted on her personal life, work life and interests. 

Sexual assault claim against employer

Our lawyers pursued a claim against her employer for failing to properly carry out a risk assessment to keep our client safe. She was a lone worker going out to see tenants in flats. She had not been provided with such basic safeguards as a panic alarm or a mobile phone.

Compensation for rape victim

Our specialist team were able to secure over £85,000 in compensation for the devastating impact the rape had on her employment and personal life.

The employer has now introduced additional security checks to log when people enter and leave their properties.

Kim Leslie, Partner and specialist lawyer at Digby Brown, “Although no amount of compensation can take away the horrendous ordeal a survivor goes through, it can be used to get proper treatment and reflects that the survivor often has to make adaptations to their work or life before they can feel safe again.

“The compensation process itself holds those responsible to account, and identifies proper safety measures that can be put in place to prevent injury from happening to others.”