Receptionist secures £36,000 after being run over by colleague

Woman looking to camera

A receptionist for a Scottish car dealership suffered multiple injuries on her left side after being struck by a vehicle.

The accident happened because a mechanic – who had not been paying attention – reversed into our client as she walked across the forecourt while carrying a tray of coffee mugs.

Her injuries meant she was unable to work and had difficulties carrying out certain tasks – and although she didn’t want to seek legal advice she felt she had no choice after her employers didn’t help the way she deserved.

“The driver who hit me didn’t even say sorry.

“The company just brushed everything under the carpet.

“In their eyes, it was an accident and you should just get on with it.”

She contacted Digby Brown and Ryan Smith – Associate in our local Kirkcaldy office – investigated the accident and worked with experts to properly assess the full impact of her injuries.

Ryan gathered medical evidence that showed she suffered injuries to her left ankle, left wrist and hand. 

She underwent physiotherapy but it was recommended that she went for surgery to reconstruct the damaged cartilage and ligaments in her ankle.

She suffered serious pain and had to wear a special moonboot cast for six weeks to get about and has now been left with difficulties standing for long periods of time. 

“Without the surgery I knew there was always going to be problems.

“My ankle is stable now but I’ve accepted it will never be the same again and I am stuck with the pain and swelling.

“Even little things like not being able to wear heels or shoes with a strap anymore was devastating – I pretty much live in trainers now.

“I’m always in a small amount of pain throughout the day and the weather seems to have an impact on it too.”

Although our client was struck by a car her case was actually classed as a workplace accident.

During the investigation process Ryan obtained expert evidence that helped him successfully argue that the car dealer should have had a designated path in place to keep pedestrians safe as they move about the premises.

Astonishingly, Ryan also found this wasn’t even the first time an accident like this happened yet nothing had been done to fix known risks.

When all this evidence was presented to the company they accepted they were responsible for the failures that led to our client being run over by another employee and the case ultimately settled for £36,000.

“Ryan was terrific. I know he had other clients – like all lawyers do – but he genuinely made you feel like you are his only one.

“I didn’t need to remind him of anything, he was always spot on and remembered things better than I did.

“He got me a fantastic settlement which was way beyond my expectations and I would recommend anyone who found themselves in my position to get in touch with experts in personal injury law like Digby Brown.”