Road traffic accident on M90 secures 7.5 times the original compensation offer

Cars on a motorway in rain

Our Glasgow office helped a woman secure 7.5 times the original compensation offer following her road traffic accident on M90 as she was indicating onto the A9 slip road to Perth.

How did the road accident happen on the M90?

Our client was indicating to come onto the A9 Inverness/Perth slip road, when another car crashed into her car from behind.

“There was an almighty bang and it sounded like a bomb going off. The next thing I knew there was somebody shouting at me. By that point I realised that my car had spun round and was facing the wrong way on the motorway. It all happened so quickly.”

Pursuing a personal injury claim for road traffic accident

Our client decided to pursue a personal injury claim for her injuries, both physical and psychological.

“I now get extremely nervous and anxious about getting in a car, even as a passenger – I avoid it wherever possible.”

Securing 7.5 times original compensation offer

Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Glasgow intimated a claim on our clients’ behalf directly with the third party driver’s insurers and liability for the accident was accepted. Ultimately the other driver was driving at speed, in wet conditions and lost control.

An initial offer for compensation was received. As there had not been an opportunity to collect medical evidence at that stage, we advised our client to reject the offer.

In the end, the road traffic accident claim settled for 7.5 times the original offer.

What does our client have to say about the case?

“From the outset, Isla McKnight guided us expertly and kept us fully informed at every step throughout the process. Isla ensured that all aspects of our claim were covered.

"This resulted in a settlement which was 7.5 times the original offer.

"We can't praise Digby Brown highly enough for their efforts.”

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