Road traffic accident on the A725 caused by a driver on mobile phone

On mobile phone whilst driving

Mr A joined the traffic travelling on the A725 and as it was rush hour, Mr A found himself stationary in traffic. While he was stationary, another vehicle crashed into the rear of Mr A’s vehicle.

The vehicle had been travelling at approximately 50 miles per hour and caused substantial damage to both vehicles. The floor of Mr A’s vehicle was crumpled and both vehicles were declared total economic losses by their respective insurance companies.

Police officers and ambulance services were called to attend

Police officers were called to attend and spoke to both drivers. By this point Mr A was unable to use his right arm and had substantial pain up his right hand side.

Amey’s Highway arrived to take care of both vehicles and the debris. After speaking to Mr A, police officers advised he required immediate medical attention. Mr A was placed on a spinal board and rushed to hospital.

The driver at fault was looking at his phone prior to the crash

On further investigation, police officers found the mobile phone of the driver who crashed his vehicle into the rear of Mr A.

It was then identified by the officers that the driver had been using his phone to message his girlfriend on WhatsApp.

The driver admitted he was looking down at his phone and the time of the accident. He was charged and later convicted of various driving offences.

Effects of the road traffic accident

Mr A required to take two weeks’ absence from his work. He worked in a sales orientated job meaning he lost out on substantial income attributable to commissions.

He was advised to undergo physiotherapy treatment for a period of six weeks by an examining consultant.

Mr A eventually made a full recovery from his injuries and the driver at fault received points on his licence and a criminal conviction.

Successful recovery of damages for injury claim

Proving loss of potential sales in an injury claim is often trickier than straight forward loss of income.

Digby Brown’s personal injury solicitors in Glasgow were able to make a full recovery of damages for Mr A including his potential lost sales and commissions.