Saw accident at work succeeds with injury claim

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Mr MacDonald was employed by a building supplies company in the Highlands when he was injured operating a saw.

His job involved cutting products down to certain sizes when customers asked him. Mr MacDonald was using the saw when he slipped and his arm entered the saw area.

As a result of the accident, he suffered significant injuries to his arm and has been left with extensive scarring.  The saw fractured the nerves and arteries and he needed multiple surgeries.

Boss blames employee for saw accident

Upon reviewing the saw accident at work, his employers decided that Mr MacDonald was solely at fault and refused to accept any responsibility.

They then choose to fire Mr MacDonald from his employment. Their reason for letting him go  was because they felt he should not have been doing what he was, despite having done the same task for years!

Work injury claim with Digby Brown Inverness

Mr MacDonald visited Digby Brown’s office in Inverness for legal advice about making a work injury claim.

After hearing what happened, our injury lawyers in Inverness pursued claim against Mr MacDonald’s employers.

Employer maintains employee at fault

Despite the Health & Safety Executive making recommendations, the employers maintained that Mr MacDonald was the author of his own misfortune and refused to pay any compensation.

Mr MacDonald maintained that he was operating the saw in the exact way he had been told to and that he has never been trained in any other way.

The employers refused to comment on whether Mr MacDonald’s training was up-to-date and that what he was doing was against their instructions.

Court action to prove employer at fault

Our injury lawyers in Inverness continued with the case and raised the work injury claim on behalf of Mr MacDonald in court.

This was all funded via Digby Brown’s No Win No Fee funding model, Compensate. This allows our lawyers to investigate claims fully and gather the expert evidence required to prove fault and losses. It also gave Mr MacDonald piece of mind as he didn’t need to pay a penny if the case was not successful.

After almost 2 years of litigation in court Mr MacDonald was awarded £40,000 in compensation for the losses he had endured as a result of the accident at work.

Mr MacDonald states: “When I had a problem I got in touch with Digby Brown and I was seen by David McGowan and he was very helpful and put me at ease. I would recommend Digby Brown to anyone. All staff are very polite and look after you-they do not simply ignore you.  10 out 10 from me”.