Scottish solicitors make all the difference for injury claim

Police Car

Clifford Meldrum was injured in Huntly when another driver, who was trying to evade the police, crashed into his car at about 80mph.

“I was unlucky to be there at that exact time. My car was a total right off but then again, if you get hit at 75-80mph, it’s going to cause a fair amount of damage.

“I’m alive and that’s the main thing.”

Impact of injuries from the road traffic accident

“It was obviously a set-back after the accident. I was in hospital for five days and even three and half years down the line I’m sore from what happened.

“It will never be the same again and money can’t replace what happened.”

Mr Meldrum is a self-employed mechanic. He was off work for around 6 months, causing financial strain. When he did get back, his injuries mean he is restricted in what he can do now.

“I can’t do the job fully anymore as I get sore working on cars now.

“When I wake in the morning I have a sore neck and shoulders – but that would happen in a high speed impact.

"I find doing everyday things like gardening, I get sore after a couple of hours which never used to happen before.”

Made a mistake going through legal expenses insurance

Clifford wishes he had sought his own solicitor rather than going to the firm that his Legal Expenses Insurers told him to go to since they just dragged their feet for three years.

“The insurance company phoned me as I had motor trade insurance. They put me in touch with an English firm. I wish I had never gone with them. I made a mistake there. I should have gone to a Scottish solicitor.

“I wasn’t switched on at the time and was upset and confused after the accident.

"It’s not an easy thing to go through. It’s quite traumatising but that’s life and I will bounce back.”

English solicitors were useless

The law in England and Scotland for personal injury is different. Only a Scottish law firm can pursue a personal injury claim in the Scottish courts.

“The solicitors in England were no use to me. They were nothing like what Digby Brown could do.

"I was never happy with them as they never got in touch. I just felt I wasn’t important to them. They didn't care about what I went through or what I suffered. 

“The case wasn’t going anywhere and I wanted them to take the case to court. They finally passed me to Digby Brown.”

Digby Brown were spot on

When the English solicitors passed the case to Digby Brown, our solicitors in Aberdeen only had 2 days to raise the case in court before it time barred and Mr Meldrum would lose the right to claim compensation.

“Everything was 100% for what Digby Brown did for me. I couldn’t fault it. It was spot on. The service was great.

“Digby Brown kept in touch all the time whereas I had to phone the other solicitors which I shouldn’t have had to do.”

Rightful compensation with solicitors at Digby Brown’s Aberdeen office

Before the case was passed to Digby Brown, the English solicitors obtained an offer of £7,695.59.

Our Aberdeen solicitors were able to get further expert medical evidence to calculate Mr Meldrum’s loss of earnings and determine the true value of his claim.

In the end the case settled for £23,500 – more than three times the other offer.

“I got a lot more compensation with Digby Brown than the English solicitor managed. Digby Brown did a lot more to prove my case and attract better compensation offers. Ultimately, Digby Brown were more caring and more involved and went that extra mile.”

Get a Scottish solicitor for your injury claim

“Don’t rush into anything and seek proper legal advice from a Scottish solicitor as the law in England and Scotland is different. Learn from my mistake.”